Train. Learn. Connect.

Client-centric fitness programming tailored to your goals and needs so you can live the active lifestyle you want.


Personal Training

The most personalized training option, where the entire hour is focused on you. Exercises programs are custom designed specifically for your goals and needs. Choose from meeting 2x/week, 1x/week, 2x/month, or 1x/month.

Small Group Training

Looking for a small community of folks to connect with and provide mutual support? With small group training, you'll join a group of between 2-5 people who will train together, all working to better their health and performance. Every program is custom designed for the individual participant's goals and needs, so class size is limited to ensure quality programming and attention.

Program writing

Like to work out on your own but just not sure what to do? Or do you already write programs and are just looking to try something new? Let me write your program for you. Each program is custom written for you, with video demos, exercise progressions and modifications for your specific goals and needs.



In March of 2018 I set my sights on qualifying for the 2020 Boston Marathon. Chris helped me set realistic goals to push myself but not over train. That September I completed the Erie Marathon and qualified for the 2019 Boston Marathon, a year ahead of my plan! Chris was a key part of that success.

Each autumn Chris focuses my training so I am ready for the ski slopes as soon as the lifts are running. With my foundation of training, I enjoy skiing at least 50 days a year including racing at Nashoba Valley and an annual trip to Jackson Hole.


When I first began training with Chris, I couldn't walk a quarter-mile without pain and struggled to stabilize my wobbly back and hips during single-leg deadlifts on a small kettlebell. Two years later, I deadlifted 200 pounds and ran a half-marathon. Recently, I've learned to handstand, gone ice hiking, and completed my first triathlon.


We have been training with Chris since 2013 and believe it has been the most meaningful change to our fitness and health. Chris is knowledgeable, committed and inquisitive. He listens well to what we say our body parts are feeling each week but more importantly sees how our body is performing during exercise, always mindful of our technique. We like that Chris challenges us with new exercises activating all the muscles and the brain. We never feel we are given a cookie cutter workout. Whether we do individual workouts or small group we feel we get Chris’ personal attention, which is tailored to the individual not the group.


I started working with Chris six years ago. I had chronic lower back pain for over 10 years. Within a matter of a few sessions, Chris was able to evaluate my body and come up with a game plan. Today, not only is my back in much better shape, but my body overall is stronger than it has ever been. As a former college athlete and devote exercise enthusiast, I have come across many trainers in the industry, and none compare to Chris. On top of all of this, he is a wonderful individual with an incredible heart and passion to help others.


Chris is the best thing that’s happened to my health and well-being—ever! As an aging (former) athlete who has experienced plenty of bodily wear and tear along the way, it turned out that his intelligent and comprehensive training is exactly what I've needed, exactly when I needed it most.

There was never a “one size fits all” dimension to the workouts Chris has developed for me. Instead, he immediately set me on a personalized course to improve my mobility, to get out of my old habits, and to practice new and better ways to breathe and focus and engage my muscles. Every training session, from the very beginning, has provided me with new discoveries about what this engine of mine can do, with a bit of fine tuning and continued work.