Program Writing

Do you enjoy working out but just aren't sure what to do once you get started?


Has your progress stalled after doing random cookie-cutter workouts from free apps or social media accounts that provide zero customization?


Do you write programs for others but don't want to take the time to write yours?


Figuring out what to do and getting it on paper takes time--time you could be spending actually training. Let me write your program for you! With the custom Program Writing service, you get a program written specifically for you to perform on your own. Take the guess work out of your programming so you spend less time thinking about what to do and spend more time actually doing the work!

Custom program


for 3 month commitment

1 60-minute initial


2-4 day/week program

Shared doc to track progress

Hyperlinks to exercise demos

Shared folder to upload videos for feedback

Lifetime access to old programs