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  • Hybrid training

    With hybrid training, you have a program written for you that you perform on your own, combined with regular 1-on-1 check-in sessions. Sessions can be dedicated to technique practice and troubleshooting, periodic movement evaluations, a regular training session, or any combination thereof. Choose from meeting 1x/month, 2x/month, or 4x/month (1x/week).

  • 60-minute 1-on-1

    This is the best option for those looking for maximum accountability, attention, and guidance. Sessions are devoted to improving and fine-tuning your movement capabilities, with a focus on your specific goals and needs.

  • Small Group Training

    Ideal for those looking for a blend of personalized attention with a small community feel and accountability. A custom program written for you takes the guess work out of what exercises to do, and flexible scheduling allows you to sign up for any of the small group times on the schedule that week.

  • Initial Strategy Session

    The initial strategy session is the 1st step for all new clients in their training journey with Connect Health and Performance. The 75-minute session includes: - A discussion of your health and training history - Your goals and objectives - A movement evaluation, including photo and video recordings for review and progress tracking purposes - An introduction to some Connect fundamental movement skills - If time, a short exercise circuit

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