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 An adaptable approach to fitness programming designed to support your active lifestyle.

Training Options


The most personalized training option, where the entire hour is focused on you. Exercise programs are custom designed specifically for your goals and needs. Choose from meeting 2x/week, 1x/week, 2x/month, or 1x/month. Single- session options also provide the flexibility to supplement any of the Training Plans offered to provide you with a truly customizable experience.


Small Group

Looking for a small community of folks to connect with and provide mutual support? With small group training, you'll join a group of between 2-5 people who will train together, all working to better their health and performance. Every program is custom designed for the individual participant's goals and needs, so class size is limited to ensure quality programming and attention.


Program Writing

Like to work out on your own but just not sure what to do? Or do you already write programs and are just looking to try something new? Let me write your program for you. Each program is custom written for you, with video demos, exercise progressions and modifications for your specific goals and needs.

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Zion race finish LKC1_edited.jpg


Running, hiking, and cross-country skiing are my favorite ways to stay active. The older I get, the more I recognize the importance of working on form, strength, and mobility in order to avoid injury. Left to my own devices I will NEVER work on those things, which is why I train with Chris.  He helped me complete my second marathon (2016) and more recently I ran the Zion Half-Marathon (2022). Chris put together a running training plan that allowed me to substitute cross-country skiing for the long runs so I could take advantage of winter, and also programmed strength and mobility work-outs to improve my running form. I consistently notice that as long as I keep doing the prescribed work-outs my body feels better and I have fewer pains and twinges. The Zion course was overall uphill, and while it was challenging, I finished with a smile on my face and could tell that the training I had done had helped me up those hills.

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